MLB games are too long

Holy crap, these playoff games are taking forever, right? The shortest of the four games played so far wrapped up their nine innings in a brisk three hours and 26 minutes. That puts the final pitch at about 11:30 p.m. eastern time. The long games have been nearing the four-hour mark. Ouch!
This isn’t a new problem for MLB. The games have been taking way too long for several years now, but it has reached an all new level in 2017. Commercials galore. Replay. A million pitchers per game. There are a lot of culprits for baseball’s length issue (We love you for you, baseball. Size doesn’t ALWAYS matter).
How can we fix it? Slash the roster size? Eliminate commercial breaks? Start with a runner on second base? No, no, no. Baseball is a good, even great, game. Massive overhauls are not needed. Tweaks seem more appropriate in this instance.
Check out my video below. We discuss all of the above and give a few possible solutions. Head over to YouTube and leave me a comment. I really appreciate it. Thanks for reading!