Eargasm: “Helicopter” by Bloc Party

Bloc Party performing in Barcelona
You know how Deadspin posts a music video they like everyday? Yeah, I’m TOTALLY ripping that off because I think it’s pretty cool.
First up, Bloc Party’s single “Helicopter” from 2004. I remember this being in FIFA 06. God, I played the hell out of the game on my original Xbox. Freddy Adu was on the cover alongside Ronaldinho; two players with VERY similar career arches if you squint and stand about 300 yards away.
Usually when an English person sings, their accent disappears for the most part. Bloc Party’s lead singer Kele Okereke is not one of those people. He sounds just so, SO English in this song that it you start to smell black pudding about 30 seconds in.
This song has been on the old iPod (who uses those anymore) for a decade now. Up until I posted this, I had no idea what Okereke was saying in 50 percent of the song. Thank the old gods and the new for the internet.
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